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Pricing goods and services is an art that requires understanding your audience, the competitor and the market.Our team will conduct an in-depth analysis of your companies current pricing structure, factor industry standards, and curate a pricing strategy that only will make your business stand out from its competitors but also ensure that are retaining healthy profits. many of experience across several industries, we have the tools to spot revenue leakages and come up with solutions to retain more earnings. We focus on several pricing strategies but only implement strategies that are suited not only for your business but also client and project or good specific.

Each business is different and requires a pricing strategy unique to them and their market. With a thorough understanding of your needs, we propose pricing strategies that work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a method used by companies to price their goods and services. There are many aspects considered while pricing, such as production costs, labor as well as marketing and advertising expenses that help determine the price. There is also a certain percentage that is added so companies can make a profit. It is important to employ the right type of pricing strategy for businesses to gain value for the services or goods they sell.

Among the various pricing strategies, the most common ones that are used are premium, skimming, economy or value-based. Kedden focuses on value-based pricing to help our clients create differentiation amongst competitors while doubling down on providing value to your customers.

Each business is different and hence, with the help of market and competitor research as well as understanding your business offerings the methods used to price them. Pricing strategies depend on all the factors at play and are crucial to the success of your business. At Kedden, we help you identify the right strategy for your business, get on a call with our experts today!

It is essential to periodically review your pricing strategy to ensure it is aligning with your goals and business objectives. With market environments changing, your business may have to review its pricing strategy. Many factors can lead to reviewing and even changing your can which is subjective to each business. Every quarter is an ideal way to keep a check on your pricing strategy and see what is working for your business.

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