Weekly Digest – 14th June 2024

Weekly Digest – 14th June 2024

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How One Rate Cut Could Shake Up Canada’s Housing Market

The Bank of Canada’s first interest rate cut in over four years, announced on Wednesday, is expected to have a significant “psychological” impact on the Canadian housing market. By lowering borrowing costs, the rate cut could spur some prospective homebuyers into action, believing that now is an opportune time to enter the market. This move marks a notable shift in the central bank’s policy approach and is likely to influence market sentiment among both buyers and sellers.

However, experts caution that this psychological boost may not translate into substantial improvements in housing affordability. The underlying issues driving high home prices, such as supply constraints and strong demand, remain unaddressed. Consequently, while the rate cut might ease the financial burden for some buyers, it is unlikely to lead to a significant drop in overall housing prices. The impact on monthly mortgage payments will be modest, and the affordability crisis in many Canadian cities is expected to persist despite the lower interest rates.

Missed CanExport? Discover Alternative Funding Options

The 2024 CanExport intake closed on May 31st, leaving many businesses searching for alternative funding sources for their international growth efforts. While the program is anticipated to reopen next year, the need for funding remains pressing for those who missed the deadline. Fortunately, programs like the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) and the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) offer financial support to Canadian businesses. IRAP aids innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in developing technologies and bringing them to market, while SIF supports large-scale projects that drive job creation and economic development.

Export Development Canada (EDC) provides a range of financial solutions tailored to help Canadian businesses succeed globally. From export credit insurance to direct lending and guarantees, EDC offers tools to mitigate risks and support international trade. By exploring these options, businesses can continue to pursue their global growth objectives despite missing the CanExport deadline.

Lowering Interest Rates Was Simple, But the Bank of Canada Faces Trust Issues


Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem acknowledges that the central bank faces the challenge of rebuilding trust with Canadian households. The past few years have been marked by a series of interest rate hikes and messaging missteps, which have eroded public confidence in the bank’s decisions and communications. These measures, aimed at stabilizing the economy, also led to financial strain for many Canadians, with the rapid pace and frequency of hikes leaving households grappling with higher borrowing costs and uncertainty about future financial stability.

Compounding the issue were instances of inconsistent messaging from the central bank, creating confusion and frustration among the public. This lack of clear and coherent guidance further undermined the bank’s credibility. Rebuilding trust will require a concerted effort to enhance transparency, improve communication strategies, and demonstrate a consistent and reliable approach to monetary policy. By addressing these challenges head-on, the central bank aims to restore confidence and strengthen its relationship with Canadian households.

Canada’s Unemployment Rate Hits 6.2% in May, Disappointing Jobseekers

Finding work has become increasingly challenging for Canadian jobseekers as a weakening economy and high interest rates push business owners to rein in hiring. Statistics Canada’s latest labour force survey, released Friday, revealed that the economy added 27,000 jobs last month, a modest increase that falls short of the robust growth needed to significantly impact the employment landscape. While any job growth is positive, the addition of these jobs was not enough to prevent the unemployment rate from edging up by a tenth of a percentage point to 6.2 percent.

The combination of a sluggish economy and rising interest rates has created a tough environment for both jobseekers and employers. Businesses are cautious about expanding their workforce, leading to a competitive job market with fewer opportunities. As economic conditions remain uncertain, finding sustainable employment continues to be a significant challenge for many Canadians.

Energy and Gold Exports Shrink Canada’s April Trade Deficit

Canada posted a smaller-than-expected merchandise trade deficit of C$1.05 billion ($765 million) in April, as energy and gold exports helped boost the nation’s trade performance. The latest data, released on Thursday, indicated a positive shift in the trade balance, driven by robust export growth. Energy exports played a crucial role in narrowing the deficit, with increased demand and favorable market conditions significantly enhancing export values.

Gold exports also contributed significantly to the improved trade balance, with rising demand positively impacting Canada’s export earnings. The data showed that exports grew faster than imports in April, helping to reduce the trade deficit more than anticipated. This dynamic underscores the strength of Canada’s export sectors and their critical role in shaping the country’s trade outlook amidst ongoing global economic uncertainties.

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