Prevention as a Strategy: Scaling Your Business by Avoiding the Problem

Prevention as a Strategy: Scaling Your Business by Avoiding the Problem

Establishing a successful business – one you can potentially sell – requires creating a system where your personal involvement becomes unnecessary.

However, this task can be daunting, particularly in professions such as public relations consulting or plumbing where the product being sold is your personal expertise.

In order to expand a knowledge-driven business, you need to share your expertise with your employees to enable them to deliver the desired results. Yet, it’s a challenging task to encapsulate years of formal education and hands-on experience into a few weeks of staff training. The more specific your knowledge, the more challenging it becomes to delegate tasks to junior employees.

Often, the key to scaling a service-oriented business lies in offering services that eliminate the need for clients to contact you directly. The transition needs to be from selling solutions to promoting prevention.

Teaching how to mend something that’s broken can be a complex task; however, instructing others how to prevent things from breaking initially can be comparatively more straightforward.

Consider a dentist who takes years to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully perform a root canal. Contrastingly, training a hygienist to carry out routine cleanings is significantly less challenging.

A real estate manager can effortlessly employ someone to clean the gutter regularly, whereas fixing a basement flooded due to blocked gutters can be much more complex.

A master car mechanic might require years of training to repair an engine that has broken down. On the other hand, teaching a high school student to regularly change a customer’s oil as a preventive measure is much simpler.

Similarly, for an IT services firm, restoring a customer’s network post a virus invasion often requires the expertise of the boss. However, training a junior to prevent a virus by installing and updating the latest software patches is a simpler task.

Selling your expertise can make it challenging to build a team to handle the work on your behalf. Paradoxically, the solution may lie in offering a preventive service, which not only retains your business revenue but also eliminates the need for a client to reach out to you initially.

In conclusion, when it comes to scaling a business, prevention can be a powerful strategy. By shifting the focus from fixing problems to preventing them in the first place, businesses can create systems that reduce the need for constant personal involvement. This is particularly important in knowledge-driven industries where expertise is often closely tied to the business owner. By teaching others how to prevent issues, businesses can delegate tasks more effectively, empower their employees, and expand their offerings. Whether it’s through routine maintenance, proactive measures, or educating clients, emphasizing prevention not only helps businesses scale but also enhances customer satisfaction and long-term success.


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