Communication Strategy

Using our proprietary Profit Acceleration Software we can assess your current marketing and sales efforts for your business and provide detailed specific strategies that can generate massive financial breakthroughs for your business. From the analysis, we will provide a 16-25 page detailed report outlining the gaps in your marketing and sales. We will then make recommendations for improvements and provide a roadmap for success.
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Communication Strategy

Marketing and Sales Coaching

Our coaching program focuses on marketing and sales and can be delivered in 4 ways:

  1.  Do-it-Yourself program
  2. Group Coaching Program includes 1X/month live coaching session for 1 hour
  3. One-on-one coaching with me includes 4X/month live coaching session for 1 hour
  4.  a customized coaching/consulting program tailored to a clients specific needs. (TBD)The coaching program is delivered in conjunction with an e-learning platform which has 52 modules and accompanying workbooks.


Marketing Strategy

Market Research: identify your target audience, understand their needs and preferences, and analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
Brand Positioning: develop a clear and compelling brand positioning strategy that differentiates your brand from the competition and resonates with your target audience.
Content Marketing: develop and execute a content marketing strategy that will position you as a thought leader in your industry and generate leads.
Email Marketing: build and nurture your email list, and drive sales through targeted email campaigns.
Advertising: developing and executing advertising campaigns across various channels, traditional media (print, direct marketing, sales collateral etc.), search engines, social media, display networks, and more.
Marketing Analytics: measure the success of your marketing efforts and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.


Defining your advertising goals and budget to ensure that your advertising efforts are aligned with your business objectives.

Creative services: development of the visual and written components of an advertising campaign: slogans, copywriting, and design.
Media planning and buying: selecting the most effective media channels for reaching a target audience and negotiating and purchasing advertising space or time.

Public Relations

PR services are essential to build and maintain your reputation, promote their brand, and effectively communicate with your stakeholders. Public relations (PR): communication strategies and tactics to build and maintain relationships between your organization and your various stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, and the media.
Content development: Creating and distributing content, such as press releases, blog posts, and social media updates, to promote an organization’s brand and message.

Sales Coaching and Consulting

Identify areas where sales can be improved, and then develops strategies and tactics to address issues.
Sales strategy development: A sales consultant will help a company develop a sales strategy that aligns with its overall business goals.
Sales process optimization: identifying ways to streamline the process and reduce inefficiencies.
Sales training and coaching: work with your sales team to improve their skills and knowledge, helping them become more effective at selling.
Sales forecasting and pipeline management: to ensure that it has a steady stream of leads.
Sales technology implementation: implement sales technology tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, to improve sales performance.


Development of a unique brand identity for your products or services including logo and visual identity, brand strategy and messaging. Investing in these services, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and build a loyal customer base.

Brand Strategy: define the brand’s values, purpose, and target audience. Creating a positioning statement and developing a brand message.
Logo Design and Visual Identity: develop a logo that is unique, memorable, and representative of the brand. Create a cohesive look and feel for the brand across all touchpoints, including colors, typography, and imagery.
Brand Messaging: develop messaging that accurately represents the brand’s values and resonates with its target audience.
Brand Guidelines: A set of guidelines is created to ensure consistency across all branding materials and touchpoints.
Brand Management: This includes ongoing management of the brand to ensure it remains relevant and consistent with the brand’s values and messaging.

Powerpoint/Keynote Presentation and Presentation Coaching

Assistance with speech writing and design of a presentation. Revisions to an existing presentation. Coaching presenters to effectively deliver their presentations

Our proprietary Profit Acceleration Software evaluates your current marketing and sales strategies, pinpointing areas for improvement. By leveraging this tool, we provide detailed strategies tailored to your business, aiming for significant financial growth.

Our analysis generates a 16-25 page comprehensive report. It outlines the gaps in your marketing and sales approaches and offers recommendations for enhancements. Additionally, we provide you with a roadmap for implementing these strategies effectively.

You can explore our simulator through the following link: Simulator

Our One-on-One Coaching offers personalized attention with frequent live coaching sessions, tailored to address specific business needs and goals effectively.

We offer four coaching programs:

    • Do-it-Yourself program
    • Group Coaching Program (includes monthly live coaching sessions)
    • One-on-one coaching (includes frequent live coaching sessions)
    • Customized coaching/consulting program tailored to your specific needs.

Our coaching program is integrated with an e-learning platform featuring 52 modules and corresponding workbooks, enriching your learning experience.

Our marketing strategy includes:

    • Market Research
    • Public Relations
    • Brand Positioning
    • Traditional and Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email and Content Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Marketing Analytics

We define advertising goals and budgets aligned with your business objectives. Our services encompass creative development, media planning, buying, and execution across various channels.

Public Relations services aid in building and maintaining your brand reputation, facilitating effective communication with stakeholders, and promoting your brand through various channels

Our Sales Coaching and Consulting identify areas for improvement in sales processes and strategies. We offer sales strategy development, process optimization, training, forecasting, pipeline management, and technology implementation.

Branding services focus on developing a unique brand identity, including brand strategy, logo design, messaging, guidelines, management, and visual identity.

  • Yes, we provide assistance with PowerPoint/Keynote presentations, including speech writing, design, revisions, and presentation coaching for effective delivery.
  • Our CEO has over 35 years of professional speaking experience and has worked with hundreds of speakers and C-Suite executives to develop and coach them.

Our Brand Strategy service helps define brand values, purpose, and target audience, creating a clear positioning statement and developing resonant brand messaging.

Brand Guidelines ensure consistency across all branding materials and touchpoints, reinforcing brand identity and messaging.

Sales Training aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of your sales team, making them more effective at selling and improving overall sales performance.

We assist businesses in sourcing the ideal leads for their products and services and ensure a steady stream of leads through effective sales forecasting and pipeline management techniques.

Marketing Analytics helps measure the success of marketing efforts and optimize campaigns for maximum return on investment, ensuring resources are allocated effectively.

Creative Services involve developing visually appealing and compelling components for advertising campaigns, including slogans, copywriting, and design elements.

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