Accounting And Tax

Utilizing cloud accounting and advanced technology, we provide tailored, modern accounting solutions. From bookkeeping to tax compliance, our virtual services support Canadian businesses, offering insights and freeing up time. With our help, entrepreneurs can focus on growth while ensuring financial obligations are met, all from our Toronto-based offices..

Corporate Services

Kedden Business Services simplifies compliance with government obligations, allowing you to focus on running your business. Our team manages all your business changes in one place, providing a hassle-free experience. Note: We’re not a law firm and don’t offer legal advice; consult your lawyer for legal questions.

Business Plan

Kedden’s Business Planning System combines ease, speed, and expert guidance to create a solid foundation for success. Designed for busy entrepreneurs, our user-friendly, fast platform fosters synergy between owners and their plans, ensuring goal achievement. Trust Kedden to simplify planning and accelerate your journey to business ownership dreams.

Fractional CTO

Kedden blends accounting expertise with innovative technology, offering Fractional CTO services for forward-thinking businesses. As CPAs knowledgeable in tech, we provide unique value, merging financial precision with technological advancement. Our services are designed to keep businesses ahead in the dynamic finance and technology landscape.

Human Resources

Our HR management services, led by CHRP-certified professionals under HRPA, streamline your business by handling time-consuming HR tasks. Outsourcing to us benefits your employees and lets you concentrate on strategic growth. We ensure your HR is managed efficiently, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of your business.

Grants and Subsidies

There are numerous ways to jumpstart and accelerate your business with the help of government grants, subsidies and more. But we get it, you may not have the time. That’s where we come in with our experts, to find the right fit for your business and oversee the process from application to approval!

Communication Strategy

Kedden CPA enhances financial communication with specialized strategies, ensuring clarity and compliance. Our expert team guides improvements in internal, stakeholder, and client communications, fostering better connections and understanding to support your business’s success in engaging effectively with your target audience.

Digital Marketing

We market your innovations, finding your audience and telling your story to convert prospects into customers. Our holistic approach blends data with your brand narrative, ensuring impactful communication that maximizes value and drives business growth. Let us navigate your marketing, so you can focus on innovation.


Evaluating your business’s economic value is a combined sport of art and science. Among the several tried and tested models available, our CBV’s (Chartered Business Valuators) pick and choose the ones unique to your business to give you informed results for intelligent decision making.

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