Taksa enhances the capabilities of your local teams, enabling them to create superior digital solutions.

Empower innovation through the right blend of talent.

Minimal Risk, Optimal Performance

Procedure-oriented, punctual completion, facilitated by a single contact point.

Surpassing Cost

Sidestep the drawbacks of conventional offshore firms by leveraging a proven Center of Excellence (CoE) model

Uninterrupted, Clear, Effective

Overcome cultural and geographical gaps using a validated work approach.

Taksa: Your Team's Extension.

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations struggle to foster innovation internally as misaligned resources and outdated infrastructure hinder progress, leaving them lagging behind swiftly evolving industry trends. Taksa enhances innovation by supplementing your onshore team with dedicated, skilled professionals who develop the necessary technology stack to keep you competitive. By eliminating obstacles, innovation thrives, allowing your organization to evolve from following industry trends to leading them.

Customized Team

Active participation in the hiring process to custom-design your team with specific skills.


Minimize overall expenses by leveraging the innovative capabilities of your core team and the productive capacity of dedicated talent resources.

Administrative Oversight

Enhanced control, direct engagement, and continuous involvement with the team.


A seamless addition to your team, whether for long or short-term roles, providing the same dependable performance as your in-house staff.

Low Code Application Development Platform Company, USA
Low Code Application Development Platform Company, USA

A portfolio entity within a vast billion-dollar equity partner network stands as a leading figure in low code application development.

DropStream Inc., USA
DropStream Inc., USA

DropStream is a SaaS product-focused company offering logistics firms automated integrations with more than 60 online shopping carts, marketplaces, and ERPs.

The Taksa Edge

With over 18 years of experience, we possess a profound understanding of an organization’s distinct requirements, establishing a strategic alliance that transcends simple task fulfillment. Our expertise is synchronized with the client’s vision, amplifying their business objectives through informed

The Taksa Edge

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