Invoicing & Collections

At Kedden, we understand that efficient billing and collections processes are pivotal to the financial health and operational efficiency of your business. Our dedicated services are designed to ensure that your cash flow remains robust, your accounts receivable are well-managed, and your customer relationships are maintained with the utmost professionalism. Here’s how we can help:


Billing & Collections

Efficient Invoicing

  • Swift and Precise Billing: We ensure invoices are dispatched quickly and accurately to your clients, reflecting your business’s professionalism and accelerating the cash collection process to improve your financial liquidity.
  • Adapted to Your Needs: Understanding that every business is unique, we provide customized invoicing that caters to your specific requirements, whether it involves complex itemizations, collective invoicing, or particular billing intervals.

Proactive Collections

  • Effective Payment Recovery: Our proactive collections approach helps secure timely payments while maintaining cordial client relationships through respectful and consistent follow-ups.
  • Amicable Dispute Management: Should billing disputes arise, our skilled team addresses them promptly and with great care, aiming for resolutions that protect your interests and keep client relationships intact.

Receivable Oversight

  • Aging Management: With Kedden, your receivable aging is meticulously monitored. Our strategies for tracking and analyzing ensure early detection and remediation of overdue accounts, minimizing the risk of uncollectible debts.
  • Insightful Reporting: Our real-time reporting system provides immediate insights into the state of your receivables, including aging summaries and efforts in collections, enabling you to make well-informed financial decisions.

Why Partner with Kedden?

  • Skilled Professionals: Boasting extensive experience and a deep understanding of billing and collections, our team guarantees that your financial operations are managed expertly.
  • Advanced Solutions: By integrating the latest technologies in billing and collections, we present efficient, secure, and straightforward solutions, optimizing your time and resources.
  • Focused on Relationships: At Kedden, we prioritize lasting partnerships over mere transactions. Our service is always conducted with respect, professionalism, and in alignment with your company’s ethos.

Kedden is not just a provider but a committed ally in fostering your business’s financial health and operational achievements. Reach out today to explore how our Billing & Collections expertise can serve your enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kedden offers comprehensive billing and collections services designed to optimize your cash flow and manage your accounts receivable efficiently. Our services include timely invoicing, proactive collections follow-ups, dispute resolution, and real-time reporting on your receivables’ status.

Our invoicing service ensures that your invoices are sent out promptly and accurately, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to receive payments from customers. This process not only improves your cash flow but also reflects positively on your business’s professionalism.

Our collections team approaches overdue accounts with diligence and respect, ensuring that your relationships with clients remain positive. In case of disputes, we handle the situation tactfully, aiming for resolutions that are satisfactory for all parties involved, thereby safeguarding your interests and customer relationships.

We understand that every business has unique needs, and we offer customized solutions to fit your specific requirements. Whether it concerns the frequency of invoicing, the level of detail on invoices, or specific collections strategies, we’re here to cater to your business’s needs.

Yes, data security is a top priority at Kedden. We employ advanced security measures to ensure that all your financial information and customer data are protected according to the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity.

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