Grants and Subsidies

There are numerous ways to jumpstart and accelerate your business with the help of government grants, subsidies and more. But we get it, you may not have the time. That’s where we come in with our experts, to find the right fit for your business and oversee the process from application to approval!

Cash Flow Management

Wage subsidies

Helping you make the most of wage subsidies, ensuring your business hires skilled workers at reduced costs.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Tax credits and claims

With the help of research, analysis, and an expert to guide you, your business can identify certain potential tax benefits such as the SR&ED tax credit program and a claim which encourages and supports businesses particularly, start-ups and SMEs, for research and development in Canada.

Tax credits and claims

A government grant is an amount of money that is granted to your business by the government and doesn’t need to be paid back. There are a variety of grants available to small and emerging businesses that help accelerate their growth. The grants can also be non-cash but equally helpful to a business, such as funding towards employee costs. It is greatly helpful for small businesses.

The first step would include thorough research about the available grants and creating a list of those which are relevant to your business. Each grant has an eligibility criteria, such as industry, location, business size, etc., and those must be carefully considered while applying. The next step would be creating a detailed business plan which includes how the grant would be spent and an implementation plan.

Since 1949 the federal government has afforded small businesses a reduction in income tax otherwise payable. This small business tax benefit currently takes the form of the Small Business Deduction

Wage subsidies help build businesses and provide employers flexibility in their hiring options. They are a financial incentive that encourages employers to hire eligible participants in ongoing jobs by contributing to the initial costs of hiring a new employee.

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